Sticker List

App Introduction

Sticker List is proud to release an update to Sticker List (1.0.1) which is now available in the Entertainment category on the iTunes App Store. The app is Free and supports any devices running iOS version 10.0 or higher.

Sticker List

App Description

Sticker List showcases the most beautiful new sticker collections paired with great editorial content. Featuring helpful Articles, Resources and Tutorials for sticker artists and publishers. We help artists & brands design, publish and promote their own stickers. Check us out on the web at More

App Information

Below you can find all of the details and information about our app.

App Name Sticker List
App Seller Sticker List (Sticker List LLC)
App Website
Landing Page
Download Link
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Release Price Free (USD)
Release Date 03/08/2017
Update Date 03/13/2017
Categories Entertainment
Minium iOS Version iOS 10.0+
Download Size 669 KB
Release Version 1.0.1
Content Rating 12+

App Screenshots

We provide app icons and screenshots for all supported platforms below. We ask that you respect our designs and do not alter them in any way, shape or form without checking with us first. You can also download all available assets.


App Icons

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Large - 512x512 (JPEG)
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